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Our Products

First and Second Mortgage

In recent years, prospective home buyers have been struggling to meet the Banks' lending standards and hence, the market demand for mortgages has kept rising. CAC offers a variety of flexible first and second mortgages. In order to effectively control the risk, borrowers must take the property as collateral. The company will also control the ratio of its total loan to the house price, so the risk of the first mortgage is relatively low. In addition, because the amount involved in the second mortgage is small and the interest rate is high, the borrower will choose to pay off the loan as soon as possible, so the risk is relatively low.


Bridge Loan


In recent years, the Canadian government has had the policy of tightening financial regulation, resulting in the banks’ continuous tightening of their loan conditions. Many home buyers and investors are given last-minute notice from the banks prior to closing, notifying them that the bank cannot get enough credit. CAC can provide bridge loans to finance a short-term way out of trouble for customers, giving customers enough time to re-apply for a loan, ensuring that customers do not bear the risk of a breach of contract.

Construction Loan

Construction loans are divided into two categories: commercial construction loans and residential construction loans. CAC evaluates the customer’s own credit, the value of their property, and the construction loan budget information in order to provide loans. Whether the customer’s reconstruction is for personal use or is for sale to the public, we can provide the best financing solution to ensure the project can be carried out smoothly and completed. Our company will ensure that their construction progress goes according to their loan schedule, in order to prevent the possibility of an unfinished construction project.


Commercial Loan

CAC provides commercial loans to solve cash flow problems for small to medium-sized businesses. These loans are usually short-term, usually no more than one year, but there are also small amounts of medium and long-term loans. Our team upgrades solutions to keep pace with your growing business.

Land Development Loan

Commercial and residential development projects often require financing from investors or financial institutions, but it is not easy to apply from the Banks. CAC can provide small to medium-sized developers with land development services and financing solutions.


Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is not limited to buying a house for rent or waiting for the property to increase in value. The team of CAC will provide customized investment portfolios for clients according to their needs and to help them achieve wealth growth by investing in real estate loans, etc.

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